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Gap Insurance Info

MIND THE GAP, Are you under insured?

Mind the Gap

If your vehicle is written off or stolen there is a risk that the insurance settlement may not be sufficient to cover the outstanding finance/rentals owing on the vehicle. This is because vehicles tend to depreciate more quickly in the first year and then at a slower rate as they get older.

A Gap Insurance policy will pay the difference between your Vehicle insurance settlement amount and the outstanding finance/rentals on the vehice. So will cover any shortfall there happens to be in the event of the vehicle being a total loss.


    Eligible Vehicle
  • Vehicles up to £75,000 invoice price

  • Available on ALL finance agreements (excludes cash purchases)

  • Cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 cwt

  • Cover is valid for up to 36 nonths in line with the finance agreement

  • Cars and commercial vehicles up to 7 years old

    Major Exclusions
  • A vehicle written off whilst driving illegally or under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • A vehicle not covered by a Fully Comprehensive Road Risk Motor Policy

  • Vehicles used for Hire or Reward (e.g. Taxis)

  • If the vehicle is left unattended when the keys have not been removed, the doors are unlocked and any immobiliser and / or alarm is not activated.


A customer buys a BMW 3 Series Saloon for £19,227 with a deposit of £1,199 and finances the remainder. 18 months later the car is involved in an accident and is written off. The insurance company settles £12,699, but the customer still owes the Finance Company £ 13,830. The GAP Insurance plan will pay the £1,131 shortfall between the Insurance Company payout and the amount due to the finance company in settlement.

Each year in excess of 500,000 Vehicles are written off !